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Over 900 years of history, architecture, art, faith

Even though Steinfeld as a spiritual place has a history of more than 1000 years, we are celebrating (2 years late due to Corona) the 900th anniversary of the founding of the monastery in 2023.

The historical beginnings go back to the time of Henry I (919-936), but are lost in the historical darkness. Around 1070 the first settlement of an order, the Benedictines, took place.

In 1121, regular canons from Springiersbach (Wittlich district) came to Steinfeld. A deed of donation from the Archbishop of Cologne at the time, Frederick I, to these regular canons dates from the same year, documenting the founding of Steinfeld Abbey.

The Salvatorians have lived and worked in this place since 1923.

The monastery Kloster Steinfeld is one of the best-preserved baroque monastery complexes in Germany.

Today, within its monastery walls, you will find the monastic community of the Salvatorians, a 4-star Hotel, a café (Kloster-Café), a multiple award-winning grammar school, an academy, the famous Steinfeld Basilica with its equally famous organ, the tomb of St.Hermann Joseph, a labyrinth of contemplation and faith and many more surprises.

We invite you to a virtual visit to Steinfeld Abbey. To do so, please click on the various markers on the digital map below.

Have fun with it!

Basilica click here
Maze & Cross click here
House chapel click here
Library click here
Guest house click here
Guest house click here
Refectory (Dinning Room of the Guest House) click here
Kastanienhof (Chestnut Yard) click here
Guest House Benedict click here
Grammar School Hermann Josef Kolleg click here
Academy click here
Calvary click here
Restaurant “Klosterschänke” click here
Café and Shop “Klostercafé und Klosterladen” click here
School Auditorium/Swimming pool click here
Restaurant “Zur alten Abtei” click here
Event hall “Schafstall” click here
Event hall “Talentschuppen” click here
Father Jordan click here