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Since 1492 there is the tomb of St. Hermann-Josef in Steinfeld, whereby the Premonstratensians made the Steinfeld Basilica an important place of pilgrimage. The sarcophagus of St. Hermann-Josef in the main aisle of the basilica was made of Urft marble and dates from 1701.

The Hermann Josef Festival is celebrated on the last weekend before Pentecost. It begins with the raising of the reliquary from the sacrophagus, followed by a solemn high mass on Sunday and the subsequent solemn procession of reliquaries around the monastery wall, ending with prayer.

The apples lying on the sarcophagus are reminiscent of the legend according to which the Mother of God presented an apple to the young Hermann-Josef in the church Maria im Kapitol in Cologne (see Legend of St. Hermann-Josef).