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During a cosy dinner, the Board of Trustees bid farewell to its previous Chairman Helmut Lanio and its long-time Board member Dr Alfred Feuerborn. Both retired from their positions two years ago for private reasons. Due to the Corona pandemic, it was only now that they could be thanked in a dignified manner within the framework of a dinner.

The Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, Dr Gierden-Jülich, thanked them for their long and dedicated work in the Foundation. Both persons had contributed significantly to the successful work of the Foundation in their personal way, Dr Feuerborn through his always mediating moderation of the discussions and concentrating on the essentials, Mr Lanio with his almost inexhaustible creativity and his large network in the Eifel.

In his speech of thanks, Father Lambertus took the opportunity to once again emphasise the important role played by both actors in the phase of reorganising the Foundation. It is also thanks to their commitment that the Foundation has achieved so much since then.

In their further words of thanks, the current Chairman of the Foundation Board, Martin Reinicke, and the Mayor of the municipality of Kall, Herrmann-Josef Esser, emphasised the special services of both within the framework of the Foundation and for the municipality. Among other things, Mr. Esser pointed out Dr. Feuerborn's commitment to enriching the cultural landscape through the concert series "Klangraum".

Dr. Feuerborn and Mr. Lanio expressed their thanks for the many expressions of gratitude and emphasised that they will remain closely connected to the Foundation and the special place of Steinfeld Monastery in the future, even without holding office.