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The Steinfeld Monastery Foundation donates 16,000 euros to Engelgau's "Eifel for Eifel" aid initiative

As early as mid-March 2020, when the first wave of the corona pandemic had just begun in Germany, Jörg Weitz, a coach and trainer living in Nettersheim-Engelgau, founded the Facebook self-help group "Eifel for Eifel". It was conceived as a neighbourhood support group to bring together people who now wanted to help with those who now needed help. A simple idea that quickly found many friends: "We already had 17,500 followers before 15 July 2021," says Weitz.

This is the date on which 133 people fell victim to the floods on the Ahr, Kyll, Prüm, Nims and Enz rivers in the Eifel valley alone, and property damage in the hundreds of millions was caused. People were left homeless, and some still need support today, not only in the form of donations in kind, but also in the form of money.

For "Eifel for Eifel", the flood of the century was the big test. "It was fortunate that our community was already so strong and that it functioned so well and still does today," Jörg Weitz is grateful. Currently, more than 45,000 followers are registered with "Eifel for Eifel".


In the first few days after the flood, the relief supplies that were increasingly arriving from all over Germany quickly piled up at his place. When the space was no longer sufficient, an empty double garage was also rented in Engelgau. To this day, it is the "distribution warehouse" for everyday goods, hygiene articles, drinking water, tools and small and large household appliances.

Whether it's mineral water from Weihenstephan in Upper Bavaria or potatoes from Oldenburg - the willingness to help the flood victims in the Eifel from all over Germany continues and "Eifel for Eifel" ensures that the aid reaches where it is needed.

But of course food also has to be bought and stored. The weekly purchase for 70 to 100 families in need costs Jörg Weitz and his team of helpers between 6,000 and 7,000 euros. He is grateful for any financial support.



More or less empty on this day: the "Eifel für Eifel" output warehouse in Nettersheim-Engelgau.
Photo: Stefan Lieser

"The Steinfeld Monastery Foundation is therefore pleased to be able to support 'Eifel for Eifel' with a donation of 16,000 euros," says Fr Lambertus Schildt SDS, member of the Foundation's Board of Directors, who together with Martin Reinicke, Chairman of the Foundation's Board of Directors, now presented the symbolic cheque to Jörg Weitz.

For Weitz, this is another important building block for "Eifel for Eifel", aid that will continue for a long time: "In the meantime, we have even opened a second aid pot," says Jörg Weitz, "in addition to the one for the flood victims in the Eifel, one for Ukraine aid.


Marin Reinicke (left) and P. Lambertus Schildt SDS (2nd from left) from the Steinfeld Monastery Foundation presented the donation cheque to "Eifel für Eifel" founder Jörg Weitz and Ute Hansen from the HeferInnenteam.
Photo: Stefan Lieser

Text and picture: Stefan Lieser -