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St. Potentinus

The 15th century figure of St. Potentinus shows the patron saint of the Steinfeld basilica.

According to a 9th century legend, St Potentinus was a nobleman from Aquitaine. With his sons Felicius and Simplicius, he sought out the holy places in Trier. The bishop of the time, Maximin, recommended Karden on the Moselle to him as a suitable place to lead a consecrated life. He lived there with his sons until his death.

Another, novelistic legend from the 14th century makes Potentinus the son of a pagan Frankish king. According to this tale, Potentinus became a Christian and a deacon and was subsequently elected Bishop of Paderborn. In an effort to rescue his sister, who had also become a Christian, from pagan surroundings, he was pierced by arrows, beheaded and died a martyr’s death.
The bones of Potentinus and his sons came to Steinfeld Monastery around 920.

His 13th century shrine can be seen today in the Louvre in Paris.