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The Bells

The bells of the Steinfeld Basilica consist of five bells. The current ensemble was largely completed in 1956.

One of the previous bells fell victim to the great fire after the lightning strike on October 7th, 1873, the following bell from 1874 was confiscated in the First World War to be melted down and remelted into wartime goods.

The four largest of the five bells have been hanging in the crossing tower since 1956: Salvator bell (Ø 1.42; 1,900 kg; strike: d’), Marienglocke (Ø 1.26; 1,340 kg; strike: e’), Hermann-Josef bell ( Ø 1.12; 930 kg; strike: f sharp’) Potentinus bell (Ø 1.06; 800 kg; strike: g’).

In 1972, as part of the overall overhaul and stabilization of the bell tower, a fifth bell was added, smaller and with the striking note a’.