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"A monastery needs an order!" Wolfgang Scheidtweiler of Kloster Steinfeld GmbH & Co. KG is convinced. In the Maria Heimsuchung monastery, the building directly adjoins Kloster Steinfeld, a small Benedictine community was therefore always welcome. They had their cloister behind the St. Benedict guesthouse, whose 32 beds are also rented out by the Kloster Steinfeld guesthouse.

Due to age, the order moved to a smaller convent of the order on the Venusberg in Bonn in 2019; the nuns' cloister and former rooms have been empty since then and were sold to Kloster Steinfeld GmbH & Co. KG.

A coincidence resulted in a pleasant subsequent use: the Trappist Sisters of Maria Frieden above Dahlem have in the meantime sold their old convent, which had become too large. The community of 12 will instead find their new home in Kloster Maria Heimsuchung. Here, the rooms are currently being renovated in close consultation with the Trappist Sisters.

Each room will have a bathroom, there will be at least one barrier-free lift, a novice and sick wing in the cloister, a chapter room and a larger scriptorium. The Trappists are expected to move in at the beginning of May.