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Ukraine - Help - here you can help

Our Salvatorian confreres in Ukraine and Poland help the people - quickly and specifically. They are providing them with relief supplies, medicine and shelter. It is now up to all of us. Only by joining forces can we overcome this crisis.

Salvatorian Fathers help refugees with numerous initiatives. But Salvatorians are not only providing help in Poland, but also in Lviv in the Ukraine. At the moment, medicines and bandages are most needed there. Hospitals and pharmacies are empty. The Salvatorian Father Damian supports the people of his parish there with the bare necessities.

We therefore ask you for your support for the people from Ukraine and thank you for every contribution. Every euro counts and will certainly reach our confreres in Poland and Ukraine.

Please help and donate to our accounts under the keyword "Ukraine". Pay attention to the country code.
Or make a convenient online transfer via Paypal.

Please click on the following link. Thank you very much!