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The 4-star offer of the guesthouse of Kloster Steinfeld continues to grow.

The wing of the "Old Guest House", will be completely gutted and then rebuilt. "Both floors are currently under construction," says guesthouse host Christoph Böhnke. The result will be 23 new double rooms with bathrooms and beautiful windows that meet all the requirements of the 4-star classification.

The furnishings and cut of the rooms will be based on the design and standard in the New Guest House. High-quality wooden flooring will also be installed in the "Old Guest House". Due to the high ceilings and the somewhat thicker walls, Böhnke promises the guests an "even stronger monastery character" of the new rooms. The conversion should be finished by the end of May.

The reason for the investment by Kloster Steinfeld GmbH & Co. KG is the continuing high demand for the 4-star rooms in the current guesthouse, a trend that was not broken even by the two pandemic years. Kloster Steinfeld's guesthouse will thus have 96 rooms at 4-star level in future instead of the previous 73.