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Rotary Club Euskirchen-Burgfey donates for flood restoration and new instruments.

On July 14 of last year, even Hermann-Josef-Kolleg, which is located on the hilltop, suffered heavy rain damage: the music room was flooded and instruments destroyed. A good year later, school operations have long since resumed here as well - when the students now received a surprise visit.

Accompanied by principal Thomas Frauenkron, Father Lambertus from the school board and Martin Reinicke from the Koster Steinfeld Foundation, board members of the Rotary Club Euskirchen-Burgfey around President Manfred Poth came to the HJK. They had brought a check with them: the club donated 20,000 euros for the renovation of the music room and the purchase of new instruments. Understandably, the students who had just attended the event gave it a spontaneous round of applause.

It is not the first donation of the 46 members of the "Rotary Club Euskirchen-Burgfey", which could be launched after the flood of the century from 14 to 15 July 2021. "At that time, we immediately formed a crisis team and were then able to help flood victims in many places in the district," said Manfred Poth. In total, there were donations amounting to 1.7 million euros. In addition, the club had access to another two million euros collected worldwide through the responsible district of Rotarians.

From this second pot the HJK donation, together with the "Rotary club Euskirchen", the second circle Euskirchener Rotary club, further 30,000 euro for a Boulderwand at the Marienschule in Euskirchen and with the DRK circle federation for 19,000 euro a education row climatic protection was financed, so Poth.

Martin Reinicke from the Kloster Steinfeld Foundation also heard about the aid offered by the Rotarians around Manfred Poth and presented Hermann-Josef-Kolleg and the heavy rain damage to the school at one of the club's regular meetings. So it finally came to the donation handover and a highly pleased foundation director: "They really did a lot for the flood victim relief, also for us. We are very grateful for that!"

Picture: (from right to left) Dr.Stefan Stocks (Rotary Burgfey board member), Manfred Poth (President Rotary Burgfey), Father Lambertus Schild (Salvatorian Order, school sponsor), Thomas Frauenkron (school director), Dr.Klaus Meyer (Rotary Burgfey board member), Martin Reinicke (Chairman Stiftung Kloster Steinfeld)

Text: S.Lieser -
Photos: M.Reinicke

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