The Salvatorian Monastery of Steinfeld

"When Hermann Josef gave theBlessed Lady an apple Mary bowed to him."

Today pilgrims lay apples on the tomb of St. Hermann Joseph. They meet at the monastery of inner perception calmed senses. The monastery together with its Basilica belongs to the most important medieval monuments in the Rhineland.

A plaque in the cloister commemorates the courage and devotional determination of the Superior General of the Salvatorians, Father Pancratius Pfeiffer, who at the risk of his life saved countless women, men and children from deportation and death in Rome by the Nazis. He is known as the "Angel of Rome" because succeded in an intervention against the destruction of the Holy City. He made sure that the Salvatorians recolonised Steinfeld Monastery.

Steinfeld Monastery is a place of deceleration, conversation, exchange, relaxation, reflection and recreation. A refuge of immersion in another time dimension, far from the restlessness of the globalized world. You experience a wonderful place of Christian spirituality, which prepares the faith as a special gift. Guided by the mandate of the founder of our Order, Father Francis Jordan, we Salvatorians live and work in Steinfeld monastery since 1923.

In loving, teaching and accompaniment of people we proclaim the faith by all means, we draw from the love of Christ. We Salvatorians believe to be loved by God. Our mission is to proclaim the love of the Divine Savior to all people - with all the means available to us.

As a religious community we shape the monastery as a centre for education and spirituality, art and culture that can be experienced by our guests.

"Imbued by God, with people on the go, so that all may have life in abundance." In Steinfeld monastery you share the fullness of life witu us. You are cordially invited to attend.